Beth Vargas Healing

Reiki Master Level Certification

Elevate your Reiki journey and explore the opportunity to share this profound healing art with others. Embark on the path of a Reiki Master, a role designated for teaching and guiding. Immerse yourself in an intensive two-day course that will arm you with the necessary tools and knowledge. Upon enrollment, you’ll receive a comprehensive manual of the revered Sacred Tibetan Symbols and master-level attunements. This program is designed to deepen your meditation skills, enhance your comprehension of all the Sacred Symbols, and teach you the technique of delivering Healing Attunements.

Furthermore, it encompasses the essential aspects of imparting Reiki knowledge to pupils, including administering attunements across all Reiki levels, practicing self-attunements, and reaffirming the principles that underscore the ethics of a Reiki practitioner and teacher. Earn 14 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), as this course is recognized under Florida provider number 50-15229 and NCBTMB provider number 111. Registration in advance is necessary to secure your spot. Certification is contingent upon full attendance over the two-day duration.


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