Beth Vargas Healing

Level II Karuna Reiki® Certification​

Level II facilitates a profound connection between your higher and lower selves, enhancing your capacity to learn, sparking greater creativity, and fostering healthier communication habits. This stage emboldens you to embrace your inherent strengths, offering liberation from co-dependency, sharpening your perception of reality, and reinforcing your commitment to your aspirations. Additionally, this level cultivates a sense of inner peace and trust, mitigating fears and alleviating anxiety. It enables you to establish clear priorities and actualize your dreams within the tangible world, providing a solid foundation for your spiritual journey. This level also amplifies your psychic vision and supports efforts to serve the healing of humanity.

The Level II Certification, priced at $333, encompasses:

– An introduction to 4 additional symbols
– Attunement sessions
– Detailed teachings on the utilization of these symbols
– Opportunities for hands-on practice

Consistent with all my offerings, my commitment to ongoing mentorship and support remains an integral part of your learning experience.

The Karuna Reiki® Master Certification is a comprehensive program designed to equip you with the skills necessary to pass on this exquisite form of healing to others.


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