Beth Vargas Healing

Intermediate Trance

Join us for an immersive day dedicated to fostering deep connections. Discover techniques for tapping into elevated frequencies to enhance your ability to harness more potent healing energies and insights. Enhance your mental clarity while mastering self-care practices to prevent exhaustion.

This intermediate course is tailored for seasoned healing practitioners who are passionate about their craft and feel a profound connection to our planet. Those who sense this profound calling may find the beginner class a perfect starting point, as your contribution is vital for the world’s future.

Prepare to explore uncharted depths of your abilities and channel frequencies beyond your current awareness. Your participation is crucial for the well-being of our Earth during this momentous period—the dawn of the Aquarian Age. You are invited to bring forth an era filled with peace, harmony, and understanding. The class spans approximately 6 hours, including a lunch intermission, and costs $222, with in-person and online options available.


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