Angelology Level I


The Level I Angelology Course invites participants into a deep dive into the world of angels, with an emphasis on self-healing and helping others. Learn to integrate Melchizedek and the Sacred Seven into your everyday practices.

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Angelology Level I Course is dedicated to the exploration of angelic realms, focusing particularly on self-healing and aiding others. Experience how to welcome Melchizedek and the Sacred Seven into your daily routine. You will be taught to harness the power of sound, color, and crystals for healing purposes. Our sessions will include the use of pendulums, muscle testing, and additional therapeutic methods. Dive deep into the study of Chakras to learn techniques for cleansing, energizing, removing blockages, and calming them, while also mastering the art of sensing and adjusting the Aura with techniques like smoothing, sweeping, and pullouts. Gain proficiency in crafting Divinely inspired affirmations and meditations. Through this hands-on, interactive course, Melchizedek and the Sacred Seven will guide you to complete healing, ensuring physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual equilibrium. If you are prepared to profoundly heal yourself, this journey is for you.

This transformative course is set to reshape your existence!

Offered as a comprehensive 10-month program, it is available both online and for in-person participation.


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