30/60 Minute Reiki Session


Experience a 30-60-minute session of Reiki with Beth, a certified practitioner and teacher. Reiki sessions can be done either in person, on the phone or on a zoom.

This time will be dedicated to channeling gentle energy through various methods such as Usui, Jikiden, or Karuna® Reiki. During the session, Beth will employ palm healing, a technique in which hands are either lightly laid on or placed just above your body. Similar to the principles of acupuncture or acupressure, the aim of this non-invasive procedure is to smooth out the flow of life energy and eliminate any blockages. Such a session can be a great tool for alleviating stress and enhancing well-being, by fostering healing on physical, mental, and emotional dimensions.


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A 30-60 Minute Reiki Session with Beth is a holistic healing experience designed to address issues at their core, promoting overall wellness, stability, and peace. Derived from ancient Japanese traditions, Reiki is a method of energy healing that balances the body’s chakra, encouraging the free flow of life-force energy, and assisting the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

During a Reiki session, you will experience a non-invasive procedure where our certified practitioners use a technique called palm healing, a practice that involves hands being placed slightly above or lightly on the body. The practitioner will move their hands across your body in a series of positions, focusing on your energy points, known as chakras.

The goal of the session is to facilitate the flow of life energy and remove blocks, similar to acupuncture or acupressure. A session can help ease tension and stress, and can also help support the body to facilitate healing on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional.

By the end of the Reiki session, you will feel renewed and invigorated, with a sense of deeper connection to your inner self. It’s a unique therapeutic experience that promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and enhances overall well-being. Experience the healing power of Reiki and open your body and mind to a greater sense of balance and harmony.

— Beth is trained in the following techniques —

Usui Reiki: A Japanese technique for stress reduction that promotes healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Jikiden Reiki: Traditional Japanese Reiki as taught to Mrs. Yamaguchi by Hayashi Sensei.

Karuna Reiki: Karuna Reiki in its truest sense if not actually Reiki. Reiki is used here to mean energy. This was developed by William Rand using symbols that Patrick Zeigler received during his time in the Pyramid at Giza.

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